Cutting-edge immersive digital experiences from Gamechanger

Gamechanger combines cutting-edge immersive digital experiences, including virtual reality, with traditional drama-based workshops and experiential learning using Gamechanger Challenges targeted for behaviour change.

These experiences have been designed in partnership with educational and social professionals to create transformative learning experiences for young people and training for adults. 

Our Programmes

Impact Programme

Interactive Drama-Based Workshops for Young People

Intervention Programme

Targeted Blended Learning Courses for Young People

Inform Programme

Virtual Reality Training
for Professionals

Challenge Kit

Experiential Learning Resources for Behaviour Change

Accredited CPD Training

Facilitation Skills for
Experiential Learning

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Raising Awareness and Changing Behaviours

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of young people are affected by the UK’s most challenging social issues. This is 1 in 5 young people across the whole of the UK!

Gamechanger initially launched with a focus on Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), but our platform of learning and training resources is developing fast. We will soon offer the following topics:

Gender based violence

Knife Crime

Criminal Sexual Exploitation

Social Isolation

Online Safety

Child Criminal Exploitation

Our Partners & Awards

We have been recognised by the following organisations

Nominated for Children and Young People Now awards, recipient of Nesta’s Amplified Fund that supports digital innovation to drive social change, Talent Match partner of the year, recipient of Home Office Funding via South Yorkshire Police, and Celebrating Outdoor Learning Awards Winner – from the Institute of Outdoor Learning. 

Making a Difference

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of young people surveyed felt our Impact programme had helped them understand the issues around CCE

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of young people surveyed felt confident they would be able to spot the signs of CCE following our Impact and Intervention programmes


“Very informative & great demonstrations. Characters & setting very believable. This is definitely needed to help educate our children/future children (& parents) to enable our communities to stay safe. Thank you.”

“I feel this is just what young people need to help their wellbeing and resilience. All children will benefit from this but particularly those who lack resilience and may be at risk.”

“The most engaging, relevant and important CPD I have attended. The links between the challenging subject matter (CCE) and the Game Changer Challenge activities are obvious and clearly explained through the experiential learning process. I can’t wait to start delivering this programme for our most vulnerable adults and young people. I can also see how the resources develop emotional resilience and mental toughness and can be implemented across the whole school for all learners, young people and adults alike.”

“Feedback from staff and students alike has been overwhelming positive. Having spoken to some of our boys this afternoon they were able to articulate the many messages behind the storyline, so hopefully this will have long-lasting impact.”

“Our Year 9 students were fully engaged in the Game Changer sessions. The combination of the hard hitting story portrayed through the drama performance and then the opportunity for the students to further explore and develop their understanding of this with the actors still in character was fantastic.”

“The practical activities led by Greg and the actors helped the students to realise how their actions can impact both positively and negatively on both themselves and their peers. The students were continually encouraged to reflect on their decision making and the consequences this could have, which was hugely thought provoking. I would not hesitate to recommend the programme.”

Making a Difference

0 %

of young people surveyed felt our Impact programme had helped them understand the issues around CCE

0 %

of young people surveyed felt confident they would be able to spot the signs of CCE following our Impact and Intervention programmes

Meet Gamechanger’s Bookings Coordinator, Beth Forbes-McDade.

Beth graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a diploma of higher education in Philosophy & Ethics.

Beth’s experience ranges from hospitality, customer service, administration and most recently in recruitment; specifically in the education sector for an Academy Trust.

Meet Gamechanger’s strategy and financial planning expert Richard Adam.

Richard’s role is to provide financial oversight and strategic support for Gamechanger. 

Richard is a qualified accountant and experienced Director with a background in manufacturing and digital businesses, including shared immersive spaces for education and simulated training environments. Richard is supporting the team with financial and strategic enterprise planning, providing a robust framework and development pathway underpinning the consistent and highest standards of service delivery and client satisfaction now and in the future.