Session 1 Completed

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Reflection – Victim or Criminal

CHANGE YOUR GAME Session 5 – Reflection – Victim or Criminal Now that you’ve been through Charlie’s story in depth, we want to know what you think. Is Charlie a victim of Child Criminal Exploitation or have they committed a crime? Or both? Does Charlie deserve this? Let us know your thoughts.  Exit to Session […]


CHANGE YOUR GAME Session 6 – Reflection – Survey We hope that by taking part in Gamechanger’s Change Your Game programme, you have developed the skills, knowledge and confidence to stay safe and avoid becoming involved in criminal activity connected to gang crime. Complete the survey below to find out how much you’ve learnt. Part […]

VR Self Reflection

CHANGE YOUR GAME Session 2 – Reflection – Emotion Cloud Emotions play a big part in how we experience the world around us and how we react to others. Thinking about the last couple of weeks, let us know how you’ve been feeling by completing the activity below. Exit to Session 2 Continue to Session […]

Making Meaning

CHANGE YOUR GAME Session 2 – Challenges Today’s Gamechanger Challenges will help you to further develop your understanding of what you have just experienced during the Virtual Reality session. You’re likely to have felt some strong emotions during the film and today’s workshop will help you to explore them and think about what skills the […]

Gamechanger Challenges Intro

CHANGE YOUR GAME Session 1 – Challenges In every session you will take part in fun activities called Gamechanger Challenges which have all been specially designed to help you gain better knowledge, confidence, emotional strength and have great communication skills! The Challenges in today’s session are about getting to know each other and working together […]

Introduction to Module 8

Introduction to Module 8 REVIEW & PERSONAL REFLECTION Take a look at our introduction video to start off your journey into this module Activity Complete Use the button below to return to the session homepage. Session 8

Meet Gamechanger’s Partnerships and Business Development Executive, Juliet Chappell.

Juliet is a trained facilitator with over 10 years of experience in Theatre in Education (actor, writer workshop leader and director). She has a BA Hons in Modern History from the University of Oxford and a BA Hons in Acting from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. She is a qualified TEFL teacher and spent many years working across mainland Europe with a number of English language theatre companies and education providers. Juliet has also worked within the UK as an actor on stage and screen.

Juliet joined Gamechanger at the start of 2024, in a change of role from her career in the NHS. She is looking forward to focusing on business development and partnerships, with the hope of expanding the national provision of Gamechanger’s Impact and Intervention products. She is excited to see the portfolio evolve and is proud to be involved in the company’s mission to reach many vulnerable young people at risk of Child Criminal Exploitation and other major social issues.

Away from work, Juliet enjoys exploring the coast and moorland of her home county of Devon. Aside from hiking and sea swimming, she is interested in travelling, languages, theatre, current affairs and food (cooking and eating!)

Meet Gamechanger’s strategy and financial planning expert Richard Adam.

Richard’s role is to provide financial oversight and strategic support for Gamechanger. 

Richard is a qualified accountant and experienced Director with a background in manufacturing and digital businesses, including shared immersive spaces for education and simulated training environments. Richard is supporting the team with financial and strategic enterprise planning, providing a robust framework and development pathway underpinning the consistent and highest standards of service delivery and client satisfaction now and in the future.